Anne Nègre, Doctor of law, barrister specialized in labor law.

She has worked at the Lawyers to the Court of Cassation and the Council of State. She joined a large law firm where she was in charge of the sector of labor law.

Associated in  Paris, she finally opened her own office in Versailles, France.

Mediator in 2009, she has been selected as a mediator of the HALDE, High Authority Against Discrimination. 

She teaches at the University of Paris 1-Pantheon-Sorbonne.

Available : when you call, a lawyer will respond 
Responsive, fast, and efficient : you are quickly advised, you resquests are immediately taken into account
Comprehensive and listening to you : the analysis of the best strategy to implement, your  are listening to find an effective solution to your problems in a relation ship of trust
Competent and professional : an expertize in labor law and beyond,  is broad and relevant.